Operations Details

Work Order Requests

WFUCC Tenants:   (704) 887-1280

Engineering Department Hours of Operation

Maintenance Engineers are present in the building Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 5:00pm and on call all after hours and weekends for emergencies.  For Engineering services please contact the Management Office at (704) 887-1280.

Response Time

All Engineering requests are given a priority code and responded to within that time period.  This can range from an immediate response for flooding, safety issues or power outages to a 24 hour response for less urgent matters, such as getting quotes from subcontractors.

Contractor and Vendor Identification

All contractors and vendors in the building are required to register with the Dockmaster and are assigned an ID badge, which is to be worn at all times.  The Dockmaster can be reached at (704) 790-6542 during normal business hours or with the Security Console after hours.  If you see a contractor or vendor not wearing a Lincoln Harris Id badge, please contact the Security Console at (704) 790-6540 immediately.

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