Title: Panhandling Ordinance

Public Solicitation and Begging

City Code 15-15

 Effective November 25th, 2003 it is now illegal to:

·       Verbally ask anyone for money from dusk to dawn

·       Continue to ask a person for money once they say no

·       Block the way of a person you are asking for money

·       Act in a way to make a person feel they are being forced to give you money

·       Ask for money within 20 feet of a bank or ATM

·       Ask for money within 20 feet of an outdoor eating area or outdoor merchandise area when in use

·       Ask for money within 20 feet of any bus stop or taxi stand

·       Ask for money from any person standing in line while waiting to enter any business

·       Ask for money while touching a person without their permission

·        Ask for money on any bus or other public transportation

Updated: 1/19/2007 9:45:37 AM

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