Title: Door Closure Notice

To ensure enhanced security for the facility and that security is aware of the number of associates in the building after hours, the International Trade Center's third level entrance to the garage will be locked after hours.  The hours are as follows:
  • Monday-Friday: The entrance will be accesible from 5am until midnight.  The door will then be secured from midnight until 5am.
  • Saturdays:  The door will be unlocked at 7am and secured at 8pm.  The door will remain secured until noon (12pm) on Sunday.
  • Sundays: The door will be unlocked at noon (12pm) until 6pm.  The door will then be secured until Monday morning at 5am.

Additionally, please contact ITC building security for the security escort service.  They can be reached at 980-388-1218.

Updated: 12/16/2010 2:56:14 PM

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