Title: After hours HVAC/Lights



Heating/air conditioning (HVAC) & lighting will be provided during normal hours of operation, which is from 7am-6pm (Monday - Friday).  All after-hours requests can be activated via the web-based ACS system. 




·         Providing access and setting up other individual(s) for HVAC/Lights for your area(s)

·         Scheduling HVAC/Lights when needed for other associates

·         If you are a TRC and need a login and password, please contact property management at 704-887-1280or Bprice@lincolnharris.com



·         SECURITY cannot access the website

·         Property Management cannot turn lights/HVAC for associates

·         Engineering cannot turn  on lights/HVAC for associates. They will however override lights if the website is down, please contact Console at 980-388-1218 only if you the server is down.  

·         Helpline (Myfacility) cannot turn this on for you, please do not place a service request for afterhours lights/HVAC

Below is the website to the ACS system.  Please see attached instructions on how to use the website. (ACS system website)

Please contact the management office during operating hours for more information regarding the ACS System.  

Updated: 12/16/2010 3:08:05 PM

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