Wake Forest Charlotte Center (formerly known as International Trade Center) was built in 1989 and is 460,000 square feet.  The building is 5 stories tall and each story is broken up into to two areas, a north side and a south side.  For practicality purposes we use terms such as “2 North” to refer the 2nd floor area, north side of the building.

WFUCC was originally known as the Charlotte Apparel Mart.  While being the Charlotte Apparel Mart, it was fully occupied by wholesale apparel tenants and hosted apparel and trade shows.  However in 1996 due to the decline in the apparel industry, the Charlotte Apparel Mart changed its function and became known as the Charlotte International Trade Center and now is known as the Wake Forest University Charlotte Center as Wake Forest University has leased space on the 1st floor of the building. Bank of America also has operations on the 1st floor and the remainder of the building.

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